Sunday, 7 October 2007

Blind Cat

Looking at this cat and the way it was starring at me brought to my mind that Aerosmith's song I met a blind man, who taught me how to see. Don't know why. The truth of the matter is that the cat had some kind of intense look, even though one of the eyes was blind. But blind cats, just like blind people sometimes see more than someone who's eyes function perfectly. Losing on sense usually leads us to perfect the other senses. If you can not see, you will focus on your hearing ability. If you can not hear well, than you will focus on your sight or touch. Going further deep, you can simply perfect the use of that extra sense. The one that you have no matter whether you are blind, deft, unable to smell, or unable to walk. The sense that makes blind all other senses when you have the ability to listen to it. It was not a blind man who taught me this. It was more than one person. But I knew it all along. I have experienced it and thus learned it. It is the sense that I trust the most: the "gut feeling", or as I prefer to call it "the inner voice". You are only as blind as you allow yourself to be.

The Chocolat Bar

Returning from a field trip, tired and a bit grumpy, I was welcomed by this yummy chocolate bar. Lying in my keyboard, it was left there by someone who is more thoughtful than one would think at first. Someone who cares and knows that chocolate can fight feelings of loneliness or disappointment. Someone who does nice thing in a discrete way as receiving recognition is not this person's greatest asset. Modesty and some shyness characterise the chocolate "provider" better. A small thing, a detail that made me smile and happy. And then again, it was not hard to find the "guilty" person. I have learned that we should expect the unexpected. That some good people hide who they are just because of shyness, modesty, or the simple inability to make public their good deeds. Interesting the human being can be. This one is indeed interesting, contradictory, in a way charming, but also tough to deal with. Just a normal human being. I thanked for the treat when no one else was around. Did not want to make this person feel uncomfortable. Later on, to this bar was added the rest of the chocolate pack :)

Still Italy

So many memories from that period of my life spent in Venice are hard to keep away. It was a great time with lots of folks around. Just the way I like it. I am a social animal by nature and it can be very hard to not have someone to talk to around. Again, that is the case. New place, new people - who are nice, but seem to have an issue with sharing a meal or just a walk. A whole day can go by without me having the chance to communicate with someone. And that is odd, unhealthy, but is also a circumstance of life right now. When loneliness strikes a little more, I grab a book, watch a movie, walk around, shoot some photos, or simply right down my thoughts. From my album of (many) photos I found this one of Rialto's fast food restaurant. Not in Italy, but makes Venice feel closer. Makes people feel closer. The thought of it makes me company.
I decide to seek some comfort in my new Italian-like mug. A smiley, nice painted face :) And guess what I use it for? Drinking, yeah, of course. But what? My favourite hot-drink: Cappuccino! The sense of the cappuccino brings back the people and suddenly I feel lonely no more. Ah, bella Italia!

Friday, 5 October 2007


Working Undercover, or better said in a discrete way, comes with the job. We discretely waited for a gathering of people, we discretely followed a convoy, we discretely observed the protests. Everything done in a very discrete way. However, everyone knows who we are... So much for Undercover when you obviously do not blend in with the crowd, because you look different, or maybe because of the vehicle, or the badge. But we do our best to walk in the shadows... as you can see from the photo. Agent T and agent J (not Johnson, ha?!) in action :)

Monday, 1 October 2007

Ray(s) of Light

A darker sky, with darker clouds. Still beautiful, but in a different way. Some sun-rays fight to make their way through the dark, asphyxiating clouds. Sometimes, well often, I feel like these rays. Fighting to come across dark thoughts and the dark mood of many people around. It can be really hard at times to cheer up those around and to cheer up myself. But there is no other option. I am a struggling ray. I definitely do not want to be in the dark clouds "gang". I prefer the sky, and life in general, to be like the sky in the photo below. Either way, I will keep on trying to be one of the rays, not one of the clouds. There are already too many clouds and too few rays in this sky!

The Sky is Blue...

But not the spirit! Sun shining in a clean sky, painted in a pure blue and touched by snow-white clouds! Uumm. Makes me dream and focus on the good things. Not many people around here appreciate these small details. Instead of looking at the blue sky, they look at the blue(s) inside of themselves. Why? I wonder, when the blue sky presents a much nicer colour... As always, I am the dreamy person looking up, with my head in the clouds. But was worth the time that I spent looking at the sky. Blue, my favourite colour :)

Monday, 24 September 2007

Going Up or Going Down

The only way is up, baby! Like the band would say! No looking down or back, just looking up and ahead! Up, up, up! And it does not count with the help of the elevator. Get up, stand up and start climbing!!!

The First Sunset

Even with all the pollution that characterises this city, it is still possible to see a nice sunset. On the day of arrival to this capital city, I went out with my camera, hoping to find cool and different things to "shoot". However, it was late and not knowing the city the best I could do was to look at the sky and shoot the First Sunset, of many more to follow.
I love to take photos of the sunrise and of the sunset. A while ago, while sharing this thought, a friend told me that people who like to watch the sunrise and the sunset are insecure or too dreamy. I asked him "where the hell did you hear that?", he replied "in a book". Well... I am not sure about that... In my opinion, I just like the magic of the colours produced by the Sun when it wakes up and when it goes to sleep. The sun brings us warmth and light during the day, and when it is time for us to rest it goes away wishing a good night. Why would I not like to take photos of the Sun? Anyways, with this photo I will remember the day of my arrival. To be seen when will I take the photo of the sunset upon departure.

I've Got the Key

Do I really have the key? The key to what? Well, there are many keys in our lives. My latest favourite keys are the ones that open the door to my new (rented) house. My first apartment, and it is actually decent, and cheap, and nice. Used to sharing housing since ever, having a big house for myself is quite odd. Not odd in a bad way, just odd. But it feels good, of course. Too bad there are not many people around to throw dinner parties now that I finally have the space and l'argent. However, visitors are expected :) The other set of keys that I hope to access regularly soon is that of the Nissan that I am supposed to be driving around... but am not. Well in the high-way and with A. giving me lessons. Don't you tell me that driving is like bike riding. It ain't! Well, not for a clumsy person like me. It is as if I get totally un-coordinated as soon as I put my a** in the driver's seat. But I am decided to get the hold of it asap. So, do I really have the key? Yes, I always had the key and I always used it. It may not open the doors we want at times, because the lock is not good, but it is important to try the key in every door we find. The key is to try, try, try hard, insist, be stubborn. I've got the key! Yes I do!

Saturday, 8 September 2007


I am illegal... Painted with bright colours, the image portrays someone with a somewhat rude or bruit look. I wonder what message the artist is trying to pass. Whether this is how he / she sees migrants, or being a migrant him / herself he feels he / she is seen like this. Caught my eye...